We offer the children a fair balance of risk and safety in play and children enjoy the activities on offer. If present, the additional needs of parent’s and children are being met. Children are offered the opportunity to learn about different faiths and cultures and we are an inclusive childcare setting.

Among so many more, here are just a few of the subjects we touch on within our activities.


Stories and books provide children with a window to new worlds, through stories they learn new ideas and new information. Reading can help your child get to know sounds, words and language and this is why we always encourage reading and literacy activities at Dinotots.


Children start to develop mathematical skills while they are young and by encouraging mathematical activities, it allows children to develop an understanding of numbers, patterns, size and all kinds of mathematical concepts. Here at Dinotots we try to introduce maths into our activities wherever we can.

Outdoor Play

Many outdoor activities help young children develop essential motor skills like coordination, agility and balance. Engaging in outdoor play introduces children to new situations and encourages them to take positive risks. We try to get out as much as possible, the children thrive outside and are always excited to experience new things.

Messy Play

Messy play is so important in early years, it allows children to use their natural curiosity and engage their senses at the development level that is appropriate for them. Messy play fosters, curiosity, imagination and exploration. Dinotots are always looking for ways that the children can get messy and creative!

Understanding the World

Teaching children to have cultural awareness from a young age is so important, by engaging children in culturally responsive activities we know that their awareness and inclusion of diverse cultures increases. Here at Dinotots, we are always looking and learning about different holidays and important dates that are celebrated by many and try to input them in our activities.

Sensory Play

There are many benefits that may go unnoticed through sensory play such as the development of abilities to focus and block out any distractions. Sensory activities allow children to use all their senses to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of skills. At Dinotots we have sensory rooms and we also enjoy lots of sensory activities.